Year 6 had so much fun on Thursday - with a 2 hour ice-skating session - a huge thanks to David and Laura for helping us learn how to skate!

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Bushtucker challenge!

Year 6 had a terrible time this week enduring their Bushtucker survival challenge!


It was great to them all in their survival and camouflage suits but what a shame Mr Hodder spoilt it by forcing them to eat a range of yucky foods!  As you can see from the photos, they hated every minute of…

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Y6 Fashion Designers

After looking at the designs and fashion of Vivienne Westwood, Year 6 have been creating their own designs. Adapting and embellishing a plain white T-shirt has allowed their creative ideas to flow. Coming soon will be a Year 6 fashion this space!!

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Remembrance Day

Year 5 and 6 were invited to lay wreaths and participate in the Remembrance Day service on Miss Whalley's field.  We learnt how Miss Whalley donated the beautiful space in memory of her brother, Capt. Julian Lawson Whalley, who died in WW1.


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Cool Coding!

What a treat for Year 6 this week - building and then coding these cool Lego robots!


The children worked in small groups to develop the algorithms necessary to programme these little Lego well as have a lot of fun learning!


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Remember, Remember!

Year 6 loved exploring all about Gut Fawkes and the failed Gunpowder Plot to blow Parliament up in 1605!

It was a bit cramped working in the House of Lords 'cellars' but it inspired us to create lots of great writing!

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Bird Beak Experiment!

Year Six have been exploring more of their Science topic this week!

We experimented with using different tools to represent different beak types as we tried to gobble up all the chocolate buttons!


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Slave Trail Pioneers!

Year 6 really enjoyed their Slave Trail tour of Lancaster with Geraldine Onek and Prof. Alan Rice.

We were lucky enough to be the very first group to test Lancaster Black History's first child-friendly map trail!

We learnt lots and saw another side of Lancaster we didn't know…

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Year 6 enjoyed the second of their three Slavery Workshops at the Judges' Lodgings Museum in Lancaster.  They really enjoyed creating some printed art with the aim of claiming back the identity of those men and women moved across the ocean to be slaves.  They also enjoyed participating in an…

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Year 6 interviews Father Steve

Year 6 had a fantastic chance to learn all about vocation when Father Stephen popped into class!

We asked him lots of questions and listened as he explained his journey from Ordination to his life and work today.

Thank you Fr Steve!


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Super Science

Year 6 finished off their first week with a super science lesson!


We learnt all about adaptation and how animals and plants have changed over many years to survive in their environments.

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