Engineering Olympics in Year 5


om Tuesday year 5 took part in the Engineering Olympics.all the children had to work in small groups to complete three given tasks; to build the tallest tower for their robot, to use a zip line to transport their robot across the classroom and make a floating device for their robot to move…

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Bowls Team

Six class members from Year 5 participated in a Bowls competition against some other schools from the local area today. 

They did very well in the team event but even better in the individual ones winning several medals between them, claiming star player award and player of the…

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Y5 Wellbeing Day

Year 5 have had such an amazing Health and Wellbeing Day! All the visitors who came to school school were informative and helpful and gave us lots of practical ways to look after ourselves and others in a safe and sensible way. 

We learnt about: emotional health and the importance of good…

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Years 5 and 6 visit to the Martyrs Memorial

Today, Years 5 and 6 walked with Father Chapple to the Martyrs Memorial near Williamson Park. This was to remember the forty martyrs of England and Wales who gave up their life for their faith - their feast day is celebrated tomorrow. Father Chapple led everyone in a prayerful liturgy and Father…

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Year 5 Fairtrade Banana Game

Today in year 5 we played the CAFOD Banana Game to learn about Fairtrade and how making switches in our shopping basket can help us to be better global neighbours. 
We were really shocked to learn that for a non-Fairtrade banana a banana worker gets paid less than 1p.

Year 5 are going to…

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Gravity Challenge

Year 5’s Science topic this half term is all about ‘Forces’, so we started off by doing some challenges which involved gravity such as picking up a counter off the floor without taking our heels, shoulders or head off the wall, and then we tried putting one foot, one shoulder and our head on the…

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Y5 Class Mass

Today in Year 5, we had the wonderful experience of our own class Mass with Fr. Chapple. 

Fr. Chapple came in last week to help us prepare for Mass and some of us offered to do readings and prayers. It was a lovely, prayerful time.  

As Fr. Chapple prepared to say Mass, he explained what he…

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Would you live in Sparta or Athens?


After researching and comparing the city states of Athens and Sparta, Year 5 held a very serious debate. Each group had to think about the language they were using in order to persuade the room which was the best place to live. It was a great activity, lots of learning and many interesting…

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Night and Day

“Today year 5 learned how the Earth spins as it orbits the sun which is how day and night works.Seasons come and go as the Earth revolves. Year 5 represented this by putting a ball down which was acting as the Earth which rotated while a torch (the sun) shone its light on the ball.” MP Year…

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Character planning in Year 5

We have been working hard planning ideas for characters. After watching ET we were given three ideas of different aliens we had to think about. As a group we described and created ideas for the alien characters. Each group roasted round and created lots of new ideas, we had a great lesson and…

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Amazing DNA

On Monday, Y5 visited the Health Innovation Campus at Lancaster University. We found out all about cells and DNA. We extracted DNA from a selection of fruits and examined the structure of a cell using biscuits! We all had a fabulous day.


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