Year 4 visit to Our Lady's Catholic College

Today, Year 4 visited Our Lady's Catholic College to watch their wonderful Christmas Dance Show. Pupils from Years 7 to 12 performed many and varied sequences for us to enjoy, all set to Christmas music. What a treat! It was great to see some past Cathedral pupils dancing too.

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Making Music in Year 4

Year 4 have been learning how to read some musical notes and use them to play a melody on a glockenspiel. It is beginning to sound quite musical when we all play the melody together. Well done, Year 4!

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Y4 Are Anglo Saxons!

Year 4 were visited by Winifred, the Anglo Saxon today!

We learnt so much - the story of Beowulf, how the Anglo Saxons settled on the land, their houses and settlements, what they ate and how they lived. The children were also able to inspect artefacts and work out how they were made and what…

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Good Vibrations!

Today in science, Year 4 have been exploring how sound vibrations can be made. We used peppercorns on a drum to see the vibrations made, and felt the vibrations from a cymbal.

Watch this HERE and HERE


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Christmas Cards

Today, Year 4 enjoyed making Christmas Cards ready to be printed and sold to raise money for our PTA funds. They showed great skill in cutting silhouettes to appropriate proportions to create their nativity scenes. Well done, Year 4! 

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Year 4 Lead Prayer

This afternoon, Year 4 led prayer and liturgy with Key Stage 2 on the theme of 'Called by Name'. We reflected on the importance of our names and found out what some of our names mean. We remembered that God has called each one of us by name to be his friends and to share his love with others. Year…

prayer and liturgy

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Cooking up a storm!

Having tasted different ingredients, we now selected the ones we liked best to each make a pasta sauce. Then came the fun bit...eating it! A great way to end the week.

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Science Top Trumps

Following up on our work on food chains, Year 4 made Top Trump cards for producer, predators and prey. It was great fun to create the cards and even more fun to play afterwards!

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Harvest Celebration

It was wonderful to celebrate harvest as a school yesterday. Year 4 led us in reflecting on a passage from Matthew's Gospel:

This reading comes from the Gospel of Matthew

One day, Jesus was talking to his friends and he said:

One of these days I will say:

“When I was hungry, you gave…

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Y4 Food Tasting

Today, Year 4 tasted a range of different foods that might be included in a pasta sauce...which we will be making in a few weeks time! Anchovies and olives where the most controversial, however several children found out they enjoyed a range of foods they hadn't had before.

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