Mr Bear's birthday party

It was Mr Bear's birthday party today, and he was so pleased to see the children all dressed in their party clothes! He had a wonderful time. He can't wait to see what the children write about the party in their recounts later this week.

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Cooking up a storm!

Having tasted different ingredients, we now selected the ones we liked best to each make a pasta sauce. Then came the fun bit...eating it! A great way to end the week.

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Science Top Trumps

Following up on our work on food chains, Year 4 made Top Trump cards for producer, predators and prey. It was great fun to create the cards and even more fun to play afterwards!

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Harvest Festival

Y2 read a beautiful Harvest poem in church whilst spelling out the word 'Harvest'. They behaved impeccably and sang wonderfully. Thank you to all our families who donated tins of fruit to our Olive Branch collection. A representative came to the church and thanked all the children in…

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Harvest Celebration

It was wonderful to celebrate harvest as a school yesterday. Year 4 led us in reflecting on a passage from Matthew's Gospel:

This reading comes from the Gospel of Matthew

One day, Jesus was talking to his friends and he said:

One of these days I will say:

“When I was hungry, you gave…

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Slave Trail Pioneers!

Year 6 really enjoyed their Slave Trail tour of Lancaster with Geraldine Onek and Prof. Alan Rice.

We were lucky enough to be the very first group to test Lancaster Black History's first child-friendly map trail!

We learnt lots and saw another side of Lancaster we didn't know…

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Our First Cathedral Visit

We went to the cathedral for the very first time for the school harvest celebration. We showed some of the beautiful paintings we did of food that has been grown by farmers. We also sang 'what do we do at harvest time?' to celebrate the season of harvest.


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Prepositions in Year 3

We have been learning about prepositions. We practiced them by describing the positions of objects in our classroom. We used the words beyond, outside, within, below, above and beneath. Can you work out the sentence that goes with our picture?

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