Iron Man Art Y3

Image of Iron Man Art Y3

We really enjoyed making our Iron Man pictures for the school art exhibition. If you missed the exhibition you can still buy the pictures for £3 each on Parent Pay.

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Year 5 Performing Poetry

Image of Year 5 Performing Poetry

Today, Year 5 were working in groups to prepare a performance of a poem about the Amazon rainforest. They have been working on using varied expression and adding musical instruments to create atmosphere in their poem. We look forward to watching their final performance tomorrow!

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Year 6 Ancient Egyptians

Image of Year 6 Ancient Egyptians

What an amazing day Year 6 had, dressing up as Ancient Egyptians and spending the day exploring the Curse of Tutankhamun's Tomb!

The children had researched their costumes and, as well as making these terrific creations, wrote a fact sheet on them too!


Well done everybody!

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Animals in Year 1

Image of Animals in Year 1

We have learnt all about animals this term - we know whether they are mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish or birds, and we learnt today what carnivore, herbivore and omnivore mean!

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Year 5 Collage Art

Image of Year 5 Collage Art

Year 5 have been busy preparing their art collages for next week's art exhibition. Parents and carers will have the opportunity to see and buy these masterpieces next week. 


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Image of Castle

Today, we had a lovely stroll up to Lancaster Castle. This week we learnt all about the features of castles such as battlements and arrow slits and we went searching for these today. Whilst we were there, we completed some observational drawings of the castle. It was long and hot afternoon but we …

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Where in the World?

Image of Where in the World?

We have been using a variety of different maps to identify countries in the world. We have also found out about different hemispheres and which countries are in which hemisphere.

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Y6 SATs in HATS!

Image of Y6 SATs in HATS!

Year 6 have been working really hard this week - first they started doing their SATs in hats and then they started their cross-stitch patterns for some well deserved well-being time!

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